Multispecific Antibodies that Work

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human multispecific antibodies

Invenra, Inc., is a biotechnology company focused on the discovery and development of multispecific antibodies for immuno-oncology.  Invenra’s proprietary B-Body™ and SNIPER™ technologies are used to develop novel antibodies that can bind to two or more specific therapeutic targets and mimic the natural IgG antibodies made by the human body. The B-Body™ platform enables the rapid identification of an optimal combination of epitope, affinity and geometry [of an antibody] using high throughput in-format screening for function in cell-based assays, while maintaining the biophysical characteristics needed for lead development. Importantly, the B-Body™ platform is designed to create advantages for candidate discovery with novel mechanisms of action and ease of manufacturing.  Thousands of B-Body™ multispecifics can be assessed weekly with high-throughput in-format screening in functional assays.  Invenra has developed its own pipeline of bispecifics and has partnered with several biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies who leverage Invenra’s technologies to identify molecules with biological relevance for drug development.