Invenra Adds Experienced Clinical Immuno-oncologist, Dr. Paul Sondel to the Advisory Team

MADISON, WI – September 26, 2017 – Invenra is pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Paul Sondel in the role of Chief Medical Advisor (Volunteer). Dr. Paul Sondel [MD- Harvard Medical School, and PhD in Genetics– University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW)] is The Reed and Carolee Walker Professor of Pediatrics, Human Oncology and Genetics at UW where he continues as a full-time faculty member, leading lab, translational and clinical cancer immunotherapy research within the UW-Carbone Cancer Center.

“We are fortunate to get the opportunity to work with Dr. Paul Sondel. He is of the highest caliber and he brings deep experience in immuno-oncology, both from a basic research perspective and a clinical perspective. This experience on both sides allows him to bridge these different worlds and help translate research discoveries into therapies that save lives. We greatly admire Paul as a clinician and a person,” says Dr. Roland Green, CEO and Founder of Invenra.

Paul will not receive any financial compensation for this part-time volunteer advisory position such that there is no conflict with regards to his UW-role or the basic-clinical immuno-oncology research he and his UW team are pursuing at UW.

Dr. Sondel will volunteer in an advisory capacity with the Invenra team to help develop its preclinical pipeline assets, which include tumor Treg depleters and T cell engagers, as well as tumor-reactive engineered monoclonal antibodies. Recent work in Dr. Sondel’s lab highlight the potential efficacy of tumor specific Treg depleters when combined with current state-of-the-art immuno-oncology therapies, including tumor-reactive monoclonals. Paul is to receive the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer 2017 Richard V. Smalley, MD Memorial Lectureship award 11/12/17.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to be working with Dr. Roland Green and the incredible team of innovative scientists at Invenra. They bring outstanding scientific background, technological expertise and vision to the design, creation and development of novel antibody-based molecules that are being pursued as important new approaches for cancer immunotherapy. This advisory and collaborative interaction should enable our distinct genetic/biochemical and clinical oncologic perspectives to synergize in the conception of novel new agents for next generation cancer immunotherapies,” says Sondel. “We anticipate some of these new immunotherapeutic agents will also involve both preclinical and clinical research at UW, in collaboration with Invenra, to help facilitate their clinical testing.”

About the B-Body™ Technology

The Invenra B-Body™ platform is based on an IgG-like scaffold and designed to develop better multispecific therapeutics and meet the challenges of manufacturing. The Invenra B-Body™ platform enables flexibility in formats with various architectures needed to address the complexities of biology. The B-Body™ has excellent expression and stability profiles and is fully compatible with platform manufacturing processes.

About Invenra, Inc.

Invenra, Inc., is an antibody discovery and development company focused on multispecific antibodies for immuno-oncology based on the B-Body™ platform. Invenra is developing its own pipeline of immuno-oncology therapeutics using the B-Body™ platform and has several strategic alliances with partners to develop therapeutic antibodies.

Invenra is based in Madison, Wisconsin.


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