T-Cell Redirecting B-Bodies

Bispecific T-cell engaging antibodies are one of the most established classes of multispecific antibodies.  This family of molecules is now being extended beyond T-cells to NK cells, macrophages and other effector cells.   This class of multispecific antibodies function by redirecting an effector cell, capable of cell killing, into proximity of a target cell through interactions with targets on both cells.  The strength of the interaction of the multispecific with the effector cell antigen and the target cell antigen as well as the geometry of the binding arms can greatly influence the overall potency of the molecule. The B-Body™ platform enables high-throughput in-format testing of combinations of fab binding arms to both targets in multiple geometries to maximize potency.  Invenra will typically compare the 1x1 B-Body™ and the 2x1 B-Body™ formats to optimize for cell killing and developability.


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